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Living in the future Mactan homes is made very fun and exciting. This is for both parents, and the children to socialize and pass time. This is with the multiple features in the homes, and the amenities provided within the community of the homes. With a short drive time home, you can enjoy a ride home. The homes provide you with efficiency to get home within a short time.

There are multiple amenities to enjoy with your family, once you purchase the Futura Mactan homes. The amenities include;

  • Swimming pool large enough to accommodate a large number
  • Pavilion
  • World class basketball court
  • Children’s play area with play fittings
  • 24 hour security system
  • Sidewalks for jogging or walking
  • Wide roads measuring up to 12 metres
  • Manicured gardens and well maintained landscaping
  • Trees for cool and fresh air
  • Elegant guarded entrance gate

These amenities will soothe you to comfort and relaxation. Whenever you get home, you have a place to relax, pass time and even socialize. With the various amenities listed above, ensure you take advantage of each to enjoy your investment.

Futura Homes Mactan also have great house features. They complete the houses, and make them very attractive. Ensure that you make the homes your investment plan your main focus. There are great features in the Futura project that make them your ideal home. Here are the features of the Futura Homes Mactlan;

  • Alfresco style dining area
  • Amenity area
  • Bedroom with enough space for large bed
  • A fully fitted kitchen
  • 1 bath and toilet
  • Spacious living area

The features and amenities in the homes set them apart from the rest. They are built in a modern style. The latest fittings are used, where necessary. With multiple windows that are large enough, no light or air flow problem. Ensure that you go for the booking early, to secure the best positioning for the perfect access. This is probably being near the amenities, especially when you would like to use the amenities often. Get the best house with a perfect view, and positioning of light.

Taking advantage of the features and the amenities, you will enjoy living in the most secure place. Your children love playing on a common ground, helps to beat loneliness. Without any delays, get your investment at the right time, while your family is still young, and give them the opportunity to enjoy the amenities.

  • Entrance gate and guardhouse
  • Pavilion
  • Swimming pool
  • Basketball court
  • Children's play area
  • 24-hour security
  • Wide roads
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