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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Beatrice ₱ 1.9 M 31 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash 90/10 (with 8% discount, 10% retention)
Deferred Cash (Installment for 24 months with zero interest)
In-house Financing (20% DP payable in 12 months, 80% thru In-house Financing)
Bank or Pag-ibig Financing (10% DP in 12 months, 90% thru Bank or Pag-ibig)
Prices start at Php 1.04 million
Reservation fee is only Php 10,000
Estimated Monthly for the Downpayment is Php 8,000 ± Estimated Monthly for Pag-ibig is Php 6,000 ±
We are accepting LOI (Letter of Intent) starting March 18, 2015. LOI:
Reservation Fee of Php 10,000 (Cash/Check)
Filled-up PAF (Purchase Application Form)
2 Valid ID

There are multiple reasons why you need to consider investing in the Futura Mactan homes. This is a great opportunity to you, to let it slip away. When you invest, it’s a decision you will not regret. This is because you get returns for your money. Here are reasons to invest in the Futura Mactan homes;

Perfect prime location
The Futura Mactan homes are located in a prime area for both business and leisure. When you only need a few minutes’ drive to the capital centre, it means you are investing in a prime area. A prime area is always considered best to invest in, especially like the position of the Futura houses. They will allow you to enjoy great views, of the environment surrounding the area you live in. Kick start your investment today and enjoy great returns. You also enjoy easy access and convenience getting to various places.

The Futura homes are a great option since they are affordable, especially for the medium income earner. They have allowed the best payment modes, with best plans. This helps to ensure you have an easy time paying for your home, at the same time catering for your expenses in the home. It also attracts more buyers, thus completion of the project within minimal time.

Secure community
When you have invested in Futura Homes Mactan, you are assured of a guarded gate. This is a feature that is attractive to most people, as they are assured of security. The home has the right features to fit the modern lifestyle, and to give you comfort in your home. There are roads to access the various houses easily. The roads are wide enough, to easily access the settlement even with multiple people.

Unique home design
Futura homes provide the young families with unique and attractive designed homes. This will ensure that you enjoy and are proud of your home. The colour schemes provided are also every attractive, and adds a touch of class to the home. The uniqueness of the homes makes them look better. 

Futura homes have all the right fittings necessary in a home. They have allowed you to enjoy the most affordable home, having the best fittings. This includes the bathroom, utility area, and finishing of the rest of the home. You can count on the home for the right comfort.

Futura community is the right place to make your invest, as you get the opportunity to enjoy the amenities. There are multiple amenities, available in the Futura homes. They are open to every resident of the community. This is the perfect time to mingle and chat with your neighbours. Enjoy having a main play area for the children, especially for children without play mates. 

Quality construction
You can be assured of the best quality homes, when you invest in the Futura homes. This is because the investment has been undertaken by developers who are leading in the industry. With faith that the homes are long lasting, you can have you investment here, without the need for renovations or repairs any time soon. The quality of your construction will ensure that you get value for your money, and enjoy the investment greatly. 

Futura Homes Mactan is a great place for you to live, with your family. There are various reasons that will attract you to live in the secure community. Have the pride of owning a home in the best area that is prime, and enjoyable with great views. Visit the beach, and enjoy the cool breeze, with the closer location. Ensure that you enjoy a great a refined taste of fresh air, yet close to the city for convenience and comfort. Get your investment in a home that is set apart from the rest, with affordable rates, that gives you a unique lifestyle. Enjoy a great time, and hurry as the homes are quickly being bought.

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